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Eye health

Pickering Optical Helps Explain Your Eye Health

At Pickering Optical, we want you to feel confident in understanding the health of your eyes. Below are a few topics that are often brought up to us during appointment at our location in Pickering Town Centre – if you have more questions about caring for your eyes, please give us a call!

Protecting Your Eyes

It’s important to protect your eyes from both the sun and from getting injured during physical activities. Our product line includes both sunglasses and custom-fitted sports eyewear for every member of your family.

Children’s Vision

You want to ensure your children have the best chance of clear vision throughout their lives. We suggest routine eye exams so we can spot potential issues down the line, but you should also make sure your kids wear protective eye wear when out and about. We offer kids sunglasses with UV protection!

Eye Surgery

If you’re tired of wearing glasses and contacts, Pickering Optical might be able to help. Ask about your surgical vision correction options.

Aging Eye Health

If you’re over 40, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced some presbyopia, or not being able to see nearby objects clearly anymore. Some of this comes with age, but you do have options to improve your close-up vision. If you’ve reached your 60s, your eyes could be prone to other vision-related illnesses that complicate how clearly you see the world. To best protect your overall vision, it’s important that you continue visiting your eye doctor so we can continue to assess the health of your eyes and prevent further issues.

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